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All You Ought to Know About Penis Stretching Exercises


By: Carlton Campbell

You may be among a growing list of men who struggle with self-esteem issues throughout their lives which may stem from the fear that you do not sexually satisfy your woman due to your penis size. But there is hope since there are penis stretching exercises that you can use to increase your penis size—both girth and length.

But like with any form of exercise, it is critical to carry out a warm-up session. The warm up session makes the penis soft, supple and increases blood flow. Check out a warm up exercise that you can successfully use to make the whole penis stretching ordeal efficient.

How to Warm-Up for Stretching Exercises

The warm up session involves placing a hot, cotton towel on the penis. Here is the procedure;

  1. · Find a clean cotton face towel and soak it in hot water
  2. · Wring out the excess water and wrap it around your testicles and penis
  3. · Hold it for about 60 seconds
  4. · Remove the towel and repeat the exercise one to two times

While carrying out this activity, it is important to follow instructions to make sure you are doing it right. Do not go overboard by conducting excessive repetitions which may ultimately harm your penis.

Penis Lengthening Exercises

Lengthening the penis both in a flaccid and erect state is important because when erect, the penis may be injured. Penis lengthening exercises focus on two major muscles in the penis: fundiform and suspensory ligaments which connect the penis to the pubic bone. Doctors who perform penis surgeries, cut off the two ligaments so as to allow part of the penis that is inside the body to move forward thereby increasing the external penis. Through penis lengthening exercises, you will increase your penile size, safely, without pain and at no cost. You can carry out penis lengthening penis stretching exercises.

But before embarking on the penis stretching exercise, it is critical to ensure that penis is limp and you have already done the warm up exercises. You always have to bear in mind that the penis is a very delicate organ and any mistake may end up being very costly for you or even life threatening.

Here is a guide on how to carry out penis stretching exercises.

  1. · Using a small piece of cloth, wrap the head of the penis while firmly grasping just below it
  2. · Pull the penis in front of you ensuring that the pull is firm enough but not painful. If you experience any pain, stop immediately.
  3. · Maintain the pull for ten to fifteen seconds and then break for a few seconds.
  4. · You should repeat the process around four times while resting for a few seconds
  5. · After carrying out the penis stretching exercise, massage the head of the penis to allow blood flow to the head of the penis.
  6. · Take a break of about sixty seconds and start the exercise all over again by varying the direction of the pull
  7. · Start by pulling the penis upwards, downwards, sideways and make a total of twenty stretches each
  8. · Ensure that each directional stretch lasts for about ten to fifteen seconds

Penis stretching exercises may be uncomfortable at first, but they should not be painful. Therefore, if you feel pain, it is imperative to stop. If the pain persists, it may be time to visit your doctor.





What to Expect from Jelqing


What to Expect from Jelqing

By Carlton Campbell

Hey guys, so I learned a new penis enlargement technique called “jelqing“, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.

PhalloGauge Medical’s guide on how to jelq is probably the best, most comprehensive guide on the web (at the moment).

I’m going to go over how to do it and what to expect from doing it.

I’ll also try to touch upon how it works, as well.

These results will essentially prepare all you men for the bed with more confidence and better sexual performance for the ladies.

Let’s get started and learn about jelqs.

jelqing technique grip with fingers

The Results that You Can Expect From Jelqing

Make every effort to jelq for the length that is full of penis. Don’t get sluggish and corners that are cut. You intend to push blood through the entire length that is whole of penis to train every one of it and optimize your gains.

It’s important you do that.

You may notice your girth will increase while jelqing temporarily. The jelqing that is constant and sessions will add up to add to a fuller, wider penis (girth gains).

The guys with minor to no dysfunction that is erectile get their semi-erection after some jelqing strokes. The lubricant you utilize will also stimulate which help your boner.

As you’re counting your reps or time that is keeping you will notice that your penis are red – this is a result of a combination of all the bloodstream pressed in to the penis combined with fact that you’re rubbing against your penis skin.

All in all, that is good as you’re training your penis.

Remember, jelqing is a blood that is excellent exercise to do after manual stretching exercises.

You will definitely most probably be flaccid when you begin your jelqing session. The target is to get your erection level up to 50% to start.

One Routine that Works for Many Men

A common problem I see is how many men can’t settle with a solid routine that will bring them success.

So here’s a great one that I invented:

During your shower, or immediately after you get out, your penis muscles may well be more relaxed. At that right time, jelqing may well be more effective and much more enjoyable.

Throughout your session, stroke your penis constantly without stopping. Then continue if your hand gets tired or your penis gets sore, take a break for a minute. Each session ought maybe not to last longer than 15 mins. ten full minutes per session on average is ideal.

You need to jelq 4 or 5 times per week. Its nice to have a day’s break from time and energy to time for you to allow the muscles and arteries to recover.

You finish utilizing the device if you are employing a pump or an extender, always do jelqs then. Do it for at least for a moments which are few massage your penis and redistribute the blood evenly.

jelqs by a professional

There are many Jelqing Mistakes – Don’t make this one:

Therefore, you’ve got to form habits that are good you’re first starting out. We highly suggest going as far as timing each rep to make sure you can feel together with your fingers and penis shaft roughly where and if your fingers should be whenever they are moving up the shaft.

They are half-assed reps.

This mistake will cost you your girth gains results, and result in lots in the place of frustration due to wasted time perhaps not gaining.

While jelqing is really a really easy to get the hang of, there exists a common, big mistake that all guys will make.

Why is this this type of mistake that is big?

Well, consider what takes place when you only take 1 or 2 seconds to complete each rep.

It’s not hard to strat to get into the bad habit of doing quick jelq reps (bad) it much attention because say you’re viewing television because you get impatient or you are perhaps not spending.

This doesn’t provide your penile tissues a chance to adapt and respond as it’s as though the noticeable changes are short-term and negligible.

Think of this like if you are in the gym and you don’t do a full-range of motion for the reps for whatever exercise you are doing.

If you’re confused why you should just do this return to the balloon analogy above – you need certainly to hold the penis in the “expanded” state as long as possible to train your tissues to adapt to it.

For example, if it is a rep that is squat you’re not going as low as possible. Or if it’s a shoulder press rep, you’re not bringing the weights down as low as you are able to.

Which means you aren’t really obtaining the blood push outwards in your tissue that is penile for long.

This mistake is none other than doing each jelqing rep for the full 5 seconds.

It’s the very same thing with jelqing – then you definitely’re doing half-ass jelq reps if you only take 1-2 moments to do each swing.

It is through this training that is consistent provides you with girth gains.

Remember, when you don’t correct this mistake now, you’ll just be wasting lots of time in the foreseeable future.

jelqing steps for men

Why is Jelqing so Darn Effective?

Think of it like what happens whenever you squeeze a balloon that is semi-inflated.

It doesn’t pop – but it’s shape becomes distorted due to the imbalance in pressure.

This is also known as girth gains.

Now take this analogy and apply it to what happens whenever you do the point that is same your penis.

What goes on is that instead of air causing the balloon surface to expand outward, it’s bloodstream outwards being pressing your penile tissues!

Now when you constantly apply this type of outward, pumping force for the constant period of time (over numerous jelqing sessions and several reps), the outcome is that the body adapts to these constant changes by expanding outward obviously.

Then all the air will be pushed into the other side and the inflatable balloon will expand outward if you squeeze one side.

Jelqing works because it uses the stress that is positive your OK-grip combined with the stroking movement to pump blood into the Corpora cavernosa in the shaft of the penis.

penis jelqing enlargement exercise

Jelqing: The Good and the Bad

Alright, here’s the non-idealities:

It needs about 15 minutes of work each day.

You can find other penis enlargement methods that do not require your hands, however.

Regrettably, results do not just come in one single or two sessions – the outcomes that are major due to many many sessions, along with the small gains accumulated.

Your ability to seriously multitask is limited.

But here are some of the really good things about it:

Jelqing is basically free.

This will be a advantage that is huge because literally every man can start male enhancement at no upfront monetary cost for them, whatsoever.

This low-barrier to entry implies that anyone could possibly get it at it and there isn’t a special “club” that just particular men connect to, like stock market insider secrets if they work.

Jelqing mainly targets girth.

Majority of women prefer girth as it creates the stress that is physical stimulates their vaginal walls.

For instance, you can view TV or listen to music – pretty much anything that doesn’t require your hands.

That’s why it’s limited multitasking.

So if you’re one who can’t keep to a gym-workout that is solid, and sometimes even simpler tasks like brushing your teeth every day, you’re probably gonna find it difficult to stay disciplined with jelqing.

However you can’t operate a pc or do anything similar since the use is needed by you of one’s fingers for the exercise.

However, listening to music or TV that is watching help the session to feel it passes by quicker, which is a plus.

If you need girth, do jelqing – it is that simple.

So keep on jelqing friends! I’m sure you’ll love it (and the results!).

penis enlargement jelqing products

The Penis Pump vs. Jelqing – Which is Better?


The Penis Pump vs. Jelqing – Which is Better?

By Carlton Campbell

To make sure you know how to use a penis pump.

It is not that hard, huh?

Nonetheless, most guys get too taken away along with their jelqing treatment and begin to reach an certain area of overtraining.

So if you’re having trouble doing this on your own, you may want to consider penis pumps.

By now, I will be certain jelqing is good but not as good as the penis pump.

penis pump product

In this blog article I’m going to teach you on how to stop overtraining to ensure that you abstain from stunting your progress so that you can optimize your size (thickness) gains with a penis pump.

The error that is biggest in order to avoid when jelqing

If that’s you, we will correct that right now in this penis pump article.

One issue, specially with novice jelqers is they really tend to get stimulated after having a reps that are few their jelqing treatment.

Keep in mind, jelqing is probably not a masturbation session, its an exercise session.

That’s why a penis pump is preferred for penis pumping.

Next we’ll find the tricks it takes place and exactly how to avoid them if the penis pump is used improperly.

Another thing that men do wrong is enjoy pornography while jelqing or using a penis pump.

Penis Pumps are simply better.

This tends to happen aided by the greater guys which are vibrant tend to be more susceptible to this arousal.

Knowingly is whenever you really think that in this penis pump purchase to increase increases, you have got to hire an excellent hard erection level.

Maybe not just is seeing pornography bad for natural penis growth in common, to complete it while jelqing, it skyrockets your hard-on degree in much less when compared to a moment.

We shall find out later why this penis pump method is not perfect.

This will be poor because your erection hardness level shall skyrocket to 100% truly fast.

The done by them consciously or unconsciously.

The solitary blunder is that biggest men can make while jelqing does it having a 90-100% tough erection.

Why you shall need to abstain from jelqing with a rock erection that is hard

Now, let’s give consideration to what are penis pump results that are total the surface shaft tissue when you jelq at maximum erection level.

There’s no reason that is good is genuine do all your penis reps that are own a high erection level.

That being said, you still need to be able to control your erection levels while using the penis pump.

What happens is this: as opposed to the penis shaft areas moving over each other, instead they merely get squeezed collectively.

Bundle this effect with a penis jelqing that is extremely is tight and you’re furthermore magnifying this total result that is undesirable.

While you move the finger grip up your penis shaft, you’re moving the surface shaft skin up and over your own the area that is skin that is particular above it.

That is obviously also correct for the penis tissue that is penile below the surface shaft skin.

You’ll have to practice your pumping technique.

The growth training of this penile muscle is really what leads to increases girth that will be.

There is a real true point that is real requires place you are actually squeezing each of them collectively if you are using a penis pump most of the time where instead of expanding the penile tissue.

Penis pump safe is the reason that it is major to avoid stunting your development.

Subsequently try to minimize the quantity of large penis erection tone reps that are jelqing 20% or lower if you do choose to jelq at high erection amounts.

Remember, the aim would be to penis pump train the tissues by rolling them over each other, perhaps not fit them together.

Think of exactly what are the total results that are full you jelq at a less penis erection amount.

There are two facets that are main can get a handle on.

That is why some guys think that if they normally utilize a less heavy penis pump part with a brilliant difficult erection they are in a position to avoid generating the overtraining mistake.

It says that for each and every and every penile reaction force, there was an effect and reverse force that is certainly equivalent.

That’s virtually correct.

This means your own tissue that is penile is cushioning your penis jelq stroke, but rather earnestly pushing against your own jelqing clasp.

So say the keeping your clasp loose. Nonetheless your amount that is hard-on is hard.

The Penis Pump is key to this point.

Although both factors are important – you shall need to make certain you’re undertaking both penis pumping correctly – you should first master your grip because its quick and simple to control, proper, and control.

Nonetheless, you need to consider about Newton’s Third Law.

Finger grip tightness on your penis pumping is much much easier and faster to change with all the brain. Hard-on level is actually perhaps maybe not.

Penis erection level stiffness and firmness of the finger that is grip that is actually OK.

Nonetheless, in instances like this, it is their unique firmness that is own that genuine of penis shaft that is actually generating the charged power that is actually overtraining they’re ironically attempting to prevent.

Considering many of these factors, this can be something which is plain is greatest to perform concerning your clasp and level that is actually hard-on

Think of what occurs whenever jelqing because of the two extremes of penis erection degree.

Performing this, you understand you’re stretching your penis shaft skin since well because the shaft areas just under it. These often tend to be the areas that will translate to gains that are width.

To reiterate: You need to be hard sufficient to possess base to roll your tissues which will be external, so you require to result in be soft enough to make sure you’re perhaps not squeezing the areas being some.

You have not any key penis shaft foundation to move those cells that are exterior!

This is commonly between a 50-70% erection stiffness level once we pointed out inside our jelqing that is guide that is actually full.

Okay, we can get a grip on penis erection level to optimize the jelqing program that you got that hammered in your mind, let’s observe nowadays.

Thus preferably, a penis erection needs be discovered by you level method that is happy.

In the established place that is accepted of the penile cells, you are squeezing them together – that’s poor.

Try to use both hands to grip some penis shaft and try to have it to roll-over the shaft right in the front.

This will save from negative results from penis pumping.

Another way of visualizing this might be actually to create your penis look uncircumcised (skin rolling over and in the glans) as you finish your jelqing that is own strokeas your fingers reach the beds base of this glans).

Hard-on level actually plays a role that is big this effect.

We already know just what occurs whenever you’re at maximum penis firmness.

Once again this factor is a little more difficult to manage, but its still exceptionally crucial.

You can simply take to these two penile extremes out to see for yourself.

Right right here’s the key. Keep in mind just how we just said at the beginning of the afternoon we wanna obtain the penis shaft epidermis and tissues to roll-over by itself as we move the fingers up the shaft?

If there’s simply some thing that is plain merely not firm that you just remove using this guide, to be sure.

Now let’s give consideration to the other severe penile case – once you are practically flaccid 0-20% erection level.

In this full situation, what will happen is demonstrably that instead of rolling and training the outer penile cells (the ones that contribute to width), you complete up just taking your own shaft center, which means that you’re performing a dick that is really practical that is targets that are stretching! Maybe not jelqing which targets girth benefits and blood movement expansion!

Actually you’re wasting time especially if you desire more penis thickness.

The factor that is actually second a handle can be got by you on is your penis erection that is own level.

You gotta stop pornography that is seeing doing your jelqing sessions.

  • Listen to a podcast – this excellent if you like to generally be conditions that are learning.
  • Watch your YouTube that is own that own that route that is favorite
  • Watch ESPN or activities

Instead of viewing porn, here are a things that are certain are few are alternative do while jelqing (assuming you can however retain the appropriate erection level with a interest that is reduced it):

Nevertheless, with every jelqing that is day-to-day) is far excessively and its going to supply you with some dysfunction that is erectile will hurt your ability to get frustrating during real sex and also stunt your own penile enhancement gains like we said before, watching porn when jelqing (combined with the fact that you’re enjoying it.

  • Watch Netflix, Hulu, or just about any shoe company

Do not reduce sides, ensure you’re first endeavor jelqing properly, then see when you can add on in another move to make at the full time that is actually same.

We know jelqing is not the thing that is plain is most that is fascinating do.

Most guys naturally turn to pornography that is jelqing that is seeing is doing the fun, and generally seems to naturally choose for jelqing.

Test to see if your attention that is own duration manage a task that is penis jelqing that is recreational is proper simultaneously.

Guys have reported more spoginess to their shaft which indicates much more expansion that is width

This penile sponginess is exactly precisely what you try to attain when your looking for jelqing width get outcomes.

That you can use the gains that you worked so hard to achieve if you optimize your sponginess growth ability, all that’s required of you would be to maximize the circulation during actual sex so.

Today which means that you shall find more cavities in the penis shaft tissue that can keep blood.

Keep in mind, the sponginess can be your cock that is shaft that is very own to increase wider than usual.

This generally really does not occur once you squeeze real hard by pumping.

If the shaft feels more spongy that’s the group that is combined is combined you tend to be looking for.

In conclusion

Just take another appearance during the penis pumping technique.

We guarantee you that in case you will instantly notice sponginess result after the penis treatment, also whilst the shaft will instantly feel “fatter” that you produce a mindful effort to get the rolling motion,.

Have you been training penile tissue that is obtaining that is really running? Or are you simply squeezing your penis shaft tight?