Vancouver Friends For Life Society is a non-profit organization which enhances the wellness of individuals living with very serious illnesses, by providing complementary and alternative health and support services.


Our holistic health programs nurture the whole person and not just the disease. We enhance the wellness of our clients living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing complementary and alternative health and support services.

We offer approximately 50 different therapies, including Naturopathic and Chinese Medicines, individual support and counselling, group and social support, body and energy therapies, nutrition programs and in-home support for individuals in the palliative stages of illness.

All of our services are provided on a complimentary basis to our clients and are donated by our volunteer team of over 200 health practitioners.


Vancouver Friends for Life Society began delivering massage and hot meals to people with HIV/AIDS during the epidemic in the 1990’s.

In 1995 Friends for Life opened its doors in the Diamond Centre For Living in Vancouver’s West End where it has provided a warm “home-like” environment and a safe haven to over 2800 people.

Today, Friends For Life is North America’s only comprehensive wellness centre providing complimentary services to people living with different illnesses.

Friends For Life recognizes the connection between the mind and body. We nurture the whole person, rather than just focusing on treating the illness.

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